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Fees (in RMB)

1. Tuition: degree programs: degree of arts, 20,000RMB per year; degree of science and management, 22,000RMB per year; degree of fine arts and sports, 25,000RMB per year.
Chinese language programs: 1,800RMB for 1 month; 4,800RMB for 3 months; 6,600RMB for 1 semester; 12,000RMB for 1 year.
2. Accommodation: two-person room: 400RMB/month; three-person room: 300RMB/month; deposit: 1,000RMB, (utilities not included).
3. Medical Insurance: 350-600RMB

1. For tuition or any other fees, there is no refund once payment has been made to TUT.
2. This brochure is available in Chinese and English. In case of any inconsistency, the Chinese version shall prevail.
3. The College of International Education Exchange of Taiyuan University of Technology reserves the right to explain the items of this brochure. If there are any questions, please contact by phone or email.

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